Bio-Ethicists of Note!

bioethics-liability-insuranceIn the intriguing world of Bio-Ethics, there have been few names of note over the years, but the ones that have really left their mark and earned the exposure they have received are highly regarded and very well thought of in the relatively small community of bio-ethics.

First of all, it would probably be helpful to explain exactly what bio-ethics is for the uninitiated. The field of Bio-Ethics is the study of ethical issues related to the use of medicines and procedures in the fields of biology and medicine.

Simply put, it is the study of not HOW to do certain things but whether the medical community SHOULD do certain things, and whether or not a certain practice is ethical or irresponsible in the long term.

Think of euthanasia as a prime example. The technology exists for the medical community to humanely “put down” sick or elderly patients in order to prevent suffering (just as is done with animals), but is it ethical to do so?

That is a sample of the issues that a bio-ethicist would contemplate.

One very prominent Bio-Ethicist is John Morley Harris. This British born Bio-Ethicist has been a voice for philosophy and ethics for many years, and has won numerous awards for his work including the Medal of the University of Helsinki. His work has been published in many peer reviewed journals and he is considered one of the pillars of the Bio-Ethics community.

Another famous or infamous Bio-Ethicist is Pete Singer. This Princeton Professor has been called to task for many of his views on eugenics and other controversial issues, but has also been recognized as a champion of animal rights and has been awarded a Companion of the Order of Australia for his work in bio-ethics and philosophy.

He has been published in a great number of publications over the course of his career. For more on bio-ethics and philosophy be sure to visit and get informed!