This website was created to provide the general public with as much information that is available on bioethics since it is such a controversial topic. The site includes such information as What is bioethics, Medical Morals of Bioethics, Methodology of Bioethics, Bioethics in Primary Care, Bioethics Programs in Development, Risks of Bioethics, Bioethics and the Feminist Attitude and the Bioethics at John Hopkins Institute.
Too many people do not realize exactly what bioethics is and how it can contribute to the medical field but also just how dangerous the science can be if the wrong individuals learn how to use the technique.
There are many different approaches to the topic on both sides of the fence from those who believe it should be left alone due to moral and ethical issues, while others believe it is a wonderful science that can help in many health issues including such things as HIV and cancer.
As you browse the pages, we hope you can get a grasp of bioethics and form your own opinion instead of listening to others and following their lead.
The website is for education purposes only and here to help you, the visitor, understand the reasons so many scientists are looking at the benefits of bioethics, as well as why others are afraid of the changing of drugs and chemicals that can be altered to allow airborne diseases that can alienate an entire nation. Of course, it is your choice as to which side of the fence you stand, but with this information we hope to educate you on the benefits as well as the risks involved.